February 3, 2011

Heaven Razah, the 3rd solo offering from Sunz of Man stand-out Hell Razah, not only is the most slept-on Wu-Tang release of 2010, it also serves as a surefire A&Ring homerun for Jay Electronica’s long overdue debut on an indie budget. Ready?

1.) Get beats from 4th Disciple, Allah Mathematics, Havoc, and Ayatollah. They will not fail you. 2.) Spout righteous lessons, conspiracy theories, biblical references, and wise words with every syllable of a 90’s era nimble and seasoned flow. 3.) Kick things off with “The Arrival” a hybrid of Saul Williams and Heavy Mental-era Killah Priest. 4.) Show your storytelling skills with “Kids in the Street”,the best cautionary tale of ghetto youth since Nas’ “One Love”, and “Cinematic”, a “Labels”-like rundown built off blaxploitation flicks. 5.) Sharpen your sword with RA the Rugged Man (I mean…he did rhyme with Biggie) over the jazzed out hip hop dedication “Return of the Renaissance” 6). Put your vocals front and center by ditching drums (this works great for you) on tracks like “Dear Lord” and “Arabah”. 7). And for the love of God, make SOMETHING for the heads to smoke to (“Medical Kush”, “Blessed Be the Meek”).–Zilla Rocca

MP3: Hell Razah-“Kids in the Street”
MP3: Hell Razah ft. R.A. the Rugged Man-“Return of the Renaissance”

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