Jack White wouldn’t endorse this compilation. He’s a proud Luddite — wary of technology, illegal piracy, and all the ills they engender. Print is better than blogs. CD’s are better than MP3’s. And vinyl trumps all. As someone similarly inclined to such anachronisms, I offer him a salute and an apology. I suspect that White really wants his music to have value. So appreciate these songs, culled from B-Sides and Christmas compilations, live sessions and strange flotsam left behind over 14 stellar years. Covers of Beefheart and Dylan, Dolly and Dan Miller.  Buy them if you can. Ideally, on wax. Otherwise, here are 17 of the Stripes’ finest non-album cuts, some of which were written about here, some of which weren’t. Whatever. No need to waste words when The Candy Cane children are offering presents. Hear hear.

Tracklist below the jump.

ZIP: Passion of the Weiss Mix: Candy Cane Children (White Stripes Rarities)


1. The White Stripes-“Party of Special Things to Do” (Captain Beefheart Cover)
2. The White Stripes-“Walking With a Ghost” (Tegan & Sara Cover)
3. The White Stripes-“Hand Springs”
4. The White Stripes-“Candy Cane Children”
5. The White Stripes-“Honey, We Can’t Afford to Look This Cheap”
6. The White Stripes-“Shelter of Your Arms”
7. The White Stripes-“Who’s A Big Baby”
8. The White Stripes-“Suzy Lee” (BBC Radio-1 Evening Session)”
9. The White Stripes-“Lovesick” (Live at The Forum)
10. The White Stripes-“Who’s To Say” (Dan Miller Cover)
11. The White Stripes-“Screwdriver” (live 6/1/05)
12. The White Stripes-“Ashtray Heart” (Captain Beefheart Cover)
13. The White Stripes-“The Denial Twist” (live on KCRW 8/15/05)
14. The White Stripes-“Isis” (Bob Dylan Cover)
15. The White Stripes-“Good to Me” (Brendan Benson Cover)
16. The White Stripes-“Stop Breaking Down” (BBC Radio-1 Evening Session) (Robert Johnson Cover)
17. The White Stripes-“Jolene” (Dolly Parton Cover)

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