February 4, 2011

School Boy Q ft Ab-Soul “Druggys Wit Hoes” (Official Video) from Ramses Perryman on Vimeo.

The official video drops for one of my favorite songs of last month. Compton rappers finally expanding beyond the G-Funk/Aftermath gangsta rap cliches. No skinny jeans either. Ask Curren$y, smoldering stoner rap is the new riding with that K. You can have Wiz Khalifa, I’ll take this — the quotables are funnier (Ab-Soul is watching “Ferngully,” Schoolboy uses the phrase “lukewarm like Longley (I think).” One nonsensical quotable after the next. This is bodega rap for the West. 7-11’s, Mickey’s, brutal sun, blunts and agricultural pride. And for those keeping score at home: cheap music videos> expensive ones.

MP3: Schoolboy Q ft. Ab-Soul-”Druggy’s Wit Ho’s”

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