February 7, 2011

Between Madlib, Daedelus, and the Gilberto Gil-appreciation society, the last several years have been rife with producers chopping Brazilian samples to their own ends. So the exchange of ideas becomes properly symbiotic with 19-year old Pazes releasing his debut, The Southpaw EP, next week on San Antonio’s Exponential Records.

Weaned on his father’s rock and bossa nova collection, the Brasilia native has incorporated beatz and bass into his country’s native rhythms. The results amalgamate delicate Portuguese ballads with the mercury-poisoned funk you’d expect to hear at the Low End Theory. To sweeten the cortado, Exponential’s Aether (he of this mix) has added head static to the heavy-hearted “Evaporar,” yielding something that sounds simultaneously remote and introspective.  A sanguine compromise between those who like spliffs and those who like to samba.

MP3: Pazes-“Evaporar (Aether Remix)”

MP3: Pazes-“Evaporar”

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