February 10, 2011

Sach O: Master of the shameless plug

Though the urge to to harness this site’s reach for maximum synergy is strong, I usually refrain from undue self-promotion around here, if only because there’s only so many ways to say “you should really come out and see me mix records!” That said, you really should come out and see me mix records as I’ll be playing a couple of live dates in Montreal which promise to be loads of fun.

First up, there’s the inaugural edition of Dig.It.Al Sundays with hosts Living~Stone and Vipond, fellow MTLien Sarcastic and Oakland’s Djoolz on February 13th. That’s five dope DJs mixing everything from Techno to Dubstep and beyond for the low, low price of “Free.99”. I’ll be busting out some big funky vocal tunes and some deeper subbass for a Valentine’s special that promises to be dark and sexy. Or at least sexy, it’s hard to get a tan in the middle of winter. On the total other side of the spectrum, I’ll be busting out big dutty stankin’ Bass on February 16th when I open up for UK Badman (and comedic genius) High Rankin alongside Montreal’s queen and king of hardcore, Construct and Vilify at Bassdrive Wednesdays. That one happens to fall on my Birthday and I’ll be drunkenly enjoying Mr. Rankin’s performance after my set, so come say “hi” and buy me a shot. Alternately, come over and angrily protest my James Blake and Mount Kimbie reviews, either way’s fine by me.

MP3: Son Raw – It’s a Vandal Ting! (Mixcloud)
MP3: High Rankin – 2010 Round Up Mix (Soundcloud)
MP3: Sarcastic – Deep Satanic Broken Teknoid Mix
MP3: Djoolz – Calibrate Mix (Soundcloud)
MP3: Vilify – Hit Em’ Up 2011 Mix
MP3: Living~Stone – Late Night Marauding Mix (Mixcloud)
MP3: Construct – J’Aime le Dubstep 81
MP3: Vipond – Promo Mix December 2010 (Mixcloud)

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