February 14, 2011

Sach O would like to invite Chicago producers to send him some Juke tunes as well.

I wasn’t able to hit up DJ Rashad’s set last Friday (damn) but my spies report that he was well received though the music apparently bewildered some people out of dancing. That’s how it is with Juke, a music that’s defiantly off-kilter with a wonky-on-speed aesthetic that’s as avant-guard as it is compulsively street. It’s going viral as well, with promoters outside the Chi increasingly bringing in scene OGs for dates outside the Windy City and producers proposing their own takes on the sound.

For ThirtyOneHertz producers Steven Hill and Paveun, that take emphasizes chopped up soul samples while moving away from minimalist hypnotism in favor of extended intro and massive drops. The results (oddly enough) echo Blueprint era Hip-Hop as much as they do bass music and I can think of countless emcees, LA to LDN that could murder “When” with it’s open spaces and multiple change ups. “Can’t Do without You” comes closer to straight up Footwork, which isn’t a bad thing at all when the chops are this precise and chopped up Dilla-horns collide with UK-approved subbass. Definitely two young producers worth keeping an eye on.

Paveun & Steven Hill – When by Paveun

Can’t Do Without You by StevenHill

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