February 16, 2011

A few weeks back, Flying Lotus openly wondered why rappers weren’t rapping over Hudson Mohawke or Nosaj Thing. The short answer is that they’d prefer to jack Ace Hood for beats because it will get posted on Nah Right. The long answer is that most are afraid to risk seeming weird at a time when weird rappers get better promotion. Plus, most lack an understanding of anything outside the narrow parameters of the 50-post-a-day mafia. Reading Pitchfork doesn’t count.

Last thing I want is marble-mouthed MC’s vandalizing electronic beats they describe as “progressive,” in the delusional hopes of acquiring that Theophilus London buzz . Do the math — you’re better off just paying Cornerstone. Besides, you don’t want to be the next contestant on the Summer Jam screen. But “Cut Form Cruch,” birthed from a studio session between Lotus and San Francisco’s Mophono skulks with a paranoid lurch, an off-kilter collage of stutter-step drums and sewer synths. Shit sounds like the two of them were smoking Jeffrey’s in the studio and searching for the furry wall. There’s enough pocket for a rapper to come in and murk this, without getting lost like they probably would in a Lex Luger beat. All glitch everything.

Off Mophono’s Cut Form Crunch, which dropped yesterday. Bonus points for the above photo by Ricky Powell.

MP3: Mophono ft. Flying Lotus-“Cut Form Crunch”
MP3: Mophono-“Be Human Part One”

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