February 18, 2011

Sach O is the sickest DJ out there! He’s gonna be ill in more ways than one! – Hissy Fit

Sometime in between my 2 DJ sets, 3 midterm assignments, Birthday celebration, immune system crapping out and tonight’s trip to Ottawa, Montreal bass don Construct uploaded my new mix to his venerable (and Dubstepforum awards nominated) J’aime Le Dubstep series, a gift that I can only describe using the words “swag as fuck!” He also came up with the above artwork and the combination of hippie vans and conjoined-migraine-Bieberism succinctly describes my mind state these days. For those unfamiliar with the series, J’Aime le Dubstep spans the gamut from deep blends to full-on-hardcore assaults that would make the heaviest of metal bands blush, with a slight accent on the later. Contrarian that I am, I made sure mine had an Amerie-sampling House tune and a sped up Nicki Minaj B-side. Also: tons of Dubstep because I’d still rather listen to wobbling bass than anything except Golf Wang, Taylor Swift and “Latvian Post-Core.”

MP3: Son Raw – J’aime le Dubstep 98 (left click to site)

01. Sukh Knight – Eat Bullets
02. Piece of Shh – Diablo Riddim (Hektagon’s Shuffle)
03. Matt-U – Compass
04. DJG – Chronicles
05. DJ Madd – Good Old Days
06. Tes La Rok – Tricky Ting
07. Kutz – Itch
08. Kanji Kinetic – Griefer
09. Royal T – Damn it!
10. Untold – Mass Dreams of the Future
11. Benga – Glowsticks
12. Nit Grit – The Awakening
13. Jam City – 2 Hot
14. Hulk – Patience
15. Taz Buckfaster – Strike First
16. Lethal B – Pow 2011
17. Girl Unit – IRL (Bok Bok Remix)
18. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Son Raw “Super Fast” Refix)
19. Jacques Green – Baby I don’t Know what You Want (Son Raw “She Wants it faster” Refix)
20. Matty G – The Realness

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