Sach O found this via Oneman’s Tumblr.

I’ll be the first to admit that musicians losing it over other musicians’ technical prowess is annoying as fuck. Guitar mags, rappers discussing breath control and anything with the prefix “prog” stand as sufficient proof. But Cot-Damn, Oneman can mix. As a DJ, whenever I hear this guy blend I just want to give up and throw my hands in the air, half in frustration and half because I just don’t care. The man just has a preternatural ability to combine records so smoothly it’s impossible to tell where the first one ends and the second one starts, which would be devastating enough if said records weren’t the kind of insanely dope cross-genre exclusives that have befuddled music writers running out of genre tags.

His recent mix for LuckyMe perfectly encapsulates his vibe: a ruckus, Bass Heavy reinterpretation of House Music heavy on Urban flavor and low on orthodoxy. At a time when both genre purism and mashups seem hopelessly outdated, the mix combines UKGarage, French House, Mobb Deep instrumentals, classic Prince, Dubstep and a dozen other logical ideas into a cohesive whole: drawing narrative threads and connecting ideas that go beyond sonic signifiers into the realm of musical ideology. In short, he keeps it funky. Yesterday’s Rinse FM set repeats the same trick in a slightly looser and off the cuff fashion, relatively speaking considering he still mixes the rest of us under the table. Best appreciated with dancing girls but otherwise a DJ scorecard and slack jaw works too.

MP3: Oneman – Ninety Three Mixtape (via Lucky Me)
MP3: Oneman – Rinse FM 23/02/11

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