Douglas Martin will steal your Cartiers.

Seeing as though Sean Price has spent the past few years virulently assailing against the relatively new trend of black men who wear skinny jeans, I assume an enthusiastic co-sign from Douglas Martin– Original Blipster according to the New York Times— wouldn’t matter much to him. This is the part where I’m supposed to say something about my swag, right? Pant leg width not withstanding, it’s easy to see why fans of knucklehead rap hold the man in high regard. Everything about Ruck is gruff, from his voice down to his delivery. Thus, you believe him when he levies threats about putting you in a sleeper hold until you lose consciousness. Or at least make you feel embarrassed to show up to one of his shows in an outfit you bought from H&M.

This untitled gem from the mythical Random Axe sessions distills everything great about P. His beat selection is particularly on-point here, as he raps to an sparse beat produced by fellow Axe swinger Black Milk, complete with an eerie theremin(!). He’s been using hashtag rap before anybody knew what a hashtag was with seamless pacing (“Sean Price / Big nigga / Ving Rhames”). Syllables ping-ponging between the boom-bap every which way, creating dizzying internal rhyme patterns you can only chart using an abacus. And most of all, his sense of humor: Price calls out X-Box Live gangsters and offers Vidal Sassoon to rappers who indulge in their weekly mani-pedis. And he does such things in barely one minute that others can’t do in 64 bars. If this is one of the bullshit throwaway tracks, then if Random Axe actually drops an album, it’s going to leave a lot of narrow-denim-wearing boutique-rappers shaking with their pants tucked into their boots. I wonder what P thinks about Danny Brown’s new haircut.

MP3: Sean Price-“Untitled”

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