March 2, 2011

You can check Sach O’s French all you want, he speaks it fluent.

Jeff and Douglas swear by Chaz Bundick’s recorded output whereas I’m rather apathetic to his kind of cloudy, dusty, lounge-funk and most stuff that’s emerged since Chillwave’s initial umm…wave. Too slow and I prefer my yacht-related music with more RAWSE. Still, I’d like to think that’s more a reflection of my tastes than Toro Y Moi’s talent and this remix of a two year old Tyler track is solid evidence that I can enjoy his music provided it’s got bass and violence to offset any nostalgic synth washes. It’s not a radically transformative remix, trading in the same ambient chords and minor-key darkness as Tyler’s best production but with a bit more propulsion and cleaner 808 hits. It does the job nicely, taking Odd Future the closest they’ve ever been to the dance floor so far without removing them from the unique sonic context that’s separated them from the pack.

It all works better than it should, finding a comfortable middle-ground in between their two aesthetics that feels like a genuine collaboration rather than the cred-boosting exercise it could have been. In any case, this is a much better look than a B.O.B/Hailey Williams collabo and that’s all Tyler wants right? As for Chaz, if we can just convince him to embrace full-on high-fidelity Bass music production and leave the cassette tape fuzz to the dustbins of history, we could be getting somewhere. Somebody bring him to Low End Theory or FWD>>> or something.

Tyler the Creator – French (Toro Y Moi Remix) by factmag

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