March 7, 2011

Failed Hollywood Pitch Idea #164: OK, here’s the story see: you’ve got a veteran jazz musician, down and out, history of drug addiction, but with the wisdom of a guy who has seen HELL AND FURY. Let’s call him Morgan Freeman. One day while singing on the corner he stumbles across a posh, callow but highly gifted Englishman, seeking a father figure and knowledge of the streets. We’ll call him Jessie Eisenberg. Together the two of them forge a friendship based on mutual respect, understanding, and the POWER OF MUSIC. Then when all is seemingly perfect and Jesse Eisenberg is ready to start calling Morgan Freeman “grandpa,” the two of them get the hair-brained idea to manage female boxers. Hilarity, hijinks, and heartwarming tales ensure. I call it “Million Dollar Baritone.” We’ll be rich, I tell you, rich….

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