Over the last six months, the conservative rap coalition crowd has been touting Action Bronson as the best thing since sliced prosciutto. At a cursory glance, there’s a lot to like. Fat rappers> skinny ones — especially when they’re Queens-raised gingers in throwback Knicks jerseys, who sound like Starks and constantly rap about food. But it was hard for me to get fully on board until this weekend’s leak of “Barry Horowitz,” a track named after the WWF hack. A ne’er-do-well nicknamed the Star of David, Mr. Technical, and the Winner (no Sheen), Barry Horowitz was known as a jobber — in short, he was the guy dispatched by the more famous wrestler on his way to dispatch more famous wrestlers. But he was a member of the tribe and thus loved by all Hebrew wrestling fan/fathers across America.

If Bronson’s rocking the star of David, I’d be shocked, but one gathers the sense that he takes kinship from Horowitz’s underdog status. Open about his aversion to catchy hooks or overtures to popular caprice, the 27-year old is dedicated to the 90s boom-bap he came up on. But he raps really well, keeps his punchlines loose and his references weird. One of the first leaks from the forthcoming Dr. Lecter,  “Barry Horowitz” is a two minute figure four leg lock, reminiscent of an early Fat Joe cut or a Ghostface track on a J-Love mixtape. No hooks, just old wrestling clips and a perfectly inserted psych-rock sample. He’s one to watch– just don’t leave your gouda around him.

Videos below the jump.

MP3: Action Bronson-“Barry Horowitz”
MP3: Action Bronson-“Shiraz”

MP3: Action Bronson ft. Mayhem Lauren-“Swiss Alps”
MP3: Action Bronson-“Imported Goods”
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