March 8, 2011

Image via Up North Trips

Sonny and Suede ought to receive royalty checks from Spitta, or at least a few spins in his new Ferrari. After all, Camp Lo invented the template for diamond heists, panama hats, and ermine Walt Frazier raps over Ski beats.  Lamentably, they exist as footnotes in rap history, but their skill and slang ensures that the addendums are of David Foster Wallace density. I won’t reiterate my love of the Bronx bombers, their overlooked legacy (see Stylus Review 1, Stylus Review 2), or their Halley’s Comet type disappearances. After a nearly decade-long hiatus, they reemerged in 2007-08, dropped a strong mixtape and an equally impressive full-length, and then slunk back into the shadows, robbing banks, rocking minks, and bickering with Steve Rifkind over name changes.

Other than a few one-off tracks that came and went, they’ve been AWOL until today’s leak from their forthcoming 80 Blocks to Tiffany’s mixtape. Presented in union with Pete Rock and Trackstar the DJ, the tape’s first leak is “Jimmy Page (Straighten it Out Freestyle,” a salvo sure to satisfy longtime fans. Break out the bubbly.

Jimmy Page (Straighten It Out freestyle) by djtrackstar

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