March 14, 2011

First “Zombie Nation” now a Pearl Jam sample. Jayceon Taylor is going for that brodown Bonnaroo money come hell or hydraulics. “Rough” posted for posterity, but also because I am partial to “emo” Game. See also: “My Life,” all of “Doctor’s Advocate,” none of that stupid facial tatoo. Emotional > sensitive.

Really rappers, stop bitching about how a Grammy was stolen from Justin Bieber. Musical judgments aside: you’re riding for a flop-topped moppet who subscribes to the strain of lunatic evangelical Christianity usually only advocated by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and the Munical park janitor who subsists on Squirt sipped out of 2-liter plastic bottles. Yelawolf is pretty much blacking out on every verse right now. There is a bad joke in that last sentence, but I won’t make it. I will say to take off that silly-ass hat. This song is good. It’s not a Ten, but nothing is.

MP3: Game ft. Yelawolf-“Rough”

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