March 15, 2011

Because Burial is quickly turning into the rap Jeff Mangum, any sign of new material has become a cause for celebration but Ego puts to rest any notion of the mysterious producer being overhyped. His music quite simply sounds like nothing else out there, its dusty, dubby, nostalgic take on UK Garage remaining inimitable even after Untrue launched a thousand future-garagists. If anything, Ego moves Burial even closer to straight up 2-Step, with a longer and more human vocal than any of the ghosts we’ve heard on his albums so far. The 12” complete with B-Side by Four Tet and Thom Yorke flew off the digital shelves in what seems like nanoseconds so until the inevitable rip hits the net, we must content ourselves with this clip from Floating Points’ last RINSE FM show. Best heard stoned at night.

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