Sach O: Kode9 documents the Apocalypse

Sach O is all about listening to dystopian shit in 2011. I’ll hold back for my full review but you need Kode9 and the Spaceape’s upcoming Black Sun. Universally ignored by a Hip-Hop...
By    March 16, 2011

Sach O is all about listening to dystopian shit in 2011.

I’ll hold back for my full review but you need Kode9 and the Spaceape’s upcoming Black Sun. Universally ignored by a Hip-Hop underground, their 2006 debut Memories of the Future may have been the decade’s best slice of Afrofuturist sci-fi since Deltron 3030 and to this day, it sounds utterly unique – an alternate vision of Dubstep that stands apart from everything else under that name. The new album drops a full 5 years later and takes it to the proverbial next level: hyper-kinetic percussion, raw vocals and just the occasional hint of pop – if your definition of pop privileges Tricky and Portishead over Bieber.

In the meantime, the usually elusive Kode9 has been on a publicity tear, delivering a BBC essential mix (with an oddly prescient Nate Dogg tribute) and dropping a new (old) version of 2009’s Time Patrol, stripped down to the essence for the DJs and heads clamoring for raw beats. Since he’s usually busy writing PHD dissertations on Sonic Warfare, running Dubstep’s headiest label and dropping concept albums with Dub Poets (no EARL), it’s easy to forget that Steve Goodman is a straight up badman behind the board with beats for days. As he says in this recent self-titled interview: he’s got unreleased Dubstep to drive the crowds mental, he’s just not really into that shit anymore. As long as he keeps pushing things further, that’s fine by me. Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

MP3: Kode9 – BBC Essential Mix (right click into new tab.)
MP3: Time Patrol Dub

Hype Wiliams — Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior – Hippos in Tanks
Warren G — Regulate – Violator
Ossie — Moves – Hyperdub
Fhloston Paradigm — Chasing Rainbows – Saturn Never Sleeps
Giorgio Moroder — The Wheel – Pye Records
Attica Blues — What Do You Want (King Britt Remix) – Sony
Kudu — Transit – Bitasweet
Nubian Mindz — Future Past – 2000 Black
A Guy Called Gerald — Finley’s Rainbox (4 Hero Remix) – Juice Box
Kode9 — Green Sun – Hyperdub
Kode9 + The Space Ape — Love is The Drug (feat. Cha Cha) – Hyperdub
Funkystepz — Trouble – Hyperdub
Kode9 — Black Sun (Partial Eclipse Mix) – Hyperdub
Zed Bias — Basic Needs – Swamp 81
DJ Rampage — Deep Inside (Rama Re-edit)
2562 — Cheater – When in Doubt
Karizma — Outta Control – Defected
Ossie — Set The Tone – Hyperdub
Ill Blu — Meltdown – Numbers
Zed Bias — Stubborn Phase – Swamp 81
Funkystepz — Fuller – Hyperdub
Hard House Banton — Sirens (Sami Sanchex Remix) – Dub Organizer
Funk Bias — Last Forever – Swamp 81
Champion — Loose Control – Hardrive
DJ Naughty — Firepower – Kicks And Snares
Funkystepz — Hurricane Riddim – Hyperdub
DJ Naughty — Gearshift – Kicks And Snares
Devine Collective — House Girls
Bok Bok — Look – NIght Slugs
Kode9 + The Space Ape — OTherman – Hyperdub
Riko — Woo Freestyle – Slaughter House Rydims
Terror Danjah — Minimal Dub – Hyperdub
L-Wiz — 442 Oz – Kapsize
Addison Groove — Nautilus
Andreya Triana — A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix) – Ninja Tune
Dok — West Coast – Hyperdub
Grain — Untitled
Dok — West Coast VIP – Hyperdub
Mala — Education – DMZ
Terror Danjah — In The Biz – Aftershock
Girl Unit — Wut – Night Slugs
Mala — Bury The Boy – DMZ
Gucci Mane — O Dog – Mosca Instrumental Remix
Kode9 feat. Cha Cha — Time Patrol (Dub version) – Hyperdub
Spooky — Spartan – Terror Danjah
Morgan Zarate — Hookid – Hyperdub
DJ Rashad — Itz not Rite – Planet Mu
DJ Spinn — Lol – Planet Mu

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