March 17, 2011

Sach O wants to see Joe Nice and Prime Minister Pete Nice duke it out.

Dubstepforum award nominated mix series, Montreal institution and all around dope website J’aime le Dubstep celebrated its 100th release earlier this week in grand fashion with an exclusive 40 minute blast of unreleased music courtesy of American bass ambassador Joe Nice. For those who aren’t in the know, the Baltimore DJ was quite probably the first person on this side of the Atlantic to ride for the genre in its early days and has subsequently accumulated enough goodwill (read: dubplates) from the UK originators to run the dance on the merits of his DJing alone – a rare feat in a producer dominated genre. This latest session is heavy on the underground vibes, rejecting any false dichotomies between the more aggressive and synthetic side of things and the deeper and more organic one by striking the perfect middle-point that characterized the genre before it blew up. Highly recommended for fans of warped robot noises, atmospheric darkness and angry sampled Jamaicans. Hold tight Construct & Matt Hali for bringing the man back to Montreal last month and putting out the mix.

MP3: J’aime le Dubstep Podcast #100 – Joe Nice (left click to site)

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