March 21, 2011

Photo of Hannibal Moncrief’s girlfriend.

Content may be scarce for the next 12 hours or so, while I smoke sativa in my hyperbolic chamber while listening to Joe Chambers.  Or not. Deadlines, exhaustion, and a desire to be the world’s greatest Sorry! player may preclude me from getting around to writing anything more for this site. After all, fake retirements worked for Jay-Z, Jordan, and Lil Flip (this time, he’s back and more Leprechaunic than ever).

Tentative plans for this week include a Spring PoTw Mixtape, more Nate Dogg memento mori’s, a SXSW Awards Round-Up, and tawdry self-promotion for Friday’s show (see sidebar). In the interim, I have been working like a Madlib and have the requisite hastily thrown-together projects to prove it. Over the last four days, I wrote ten SXSW posts for Pop & Hiss. Plus, for those of you who enjoy a good novelty dance, I had a Sunday Calendar cover on the rise and label woes of the Cali Swag District. Also, Hannibal Moncrief now has his own Twitter and wants you to follow his ongoing collaboration with Chet Haze: Chetcrief.

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