March 25, 2011

Matthewdavid – International (feat. Dogbite) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

Brainfeeder’s Matthewdavid reps the experimental wing of the Low End Theory. He’s the guy who owns every Mississippi Records release and collaborates with Sun Araw to create some of the most tape-warped and fuzzy psychedelia around town. Rarely mentioned is how active of a role he plays in moving the scene upstream into uncharted and interesting territory. He’s a fearless mixer, able to throw in Kenny Loggins, Milli Vanilli, with random tapes he excavated at a goodwill. And he’s skilled enough to make the mixes fluid and funky.

His forthcoming full-length debut, Outmind reconciles all these polarities, finding him incorporating everything from straight up beats to Ethiopian psych, to ambient and pastoral noise a la Animal Collective. He’s equally comfortable playing to the Altered Zones crowd as he is rocking a party with people who weren’t taunted in Grammar school. Perhaps his finest moment came last year on Mary Anne Hobbs, when he laced the program with 27 minutes of beautiful and defiantly eccentric beats. He’s playing tonight, but I’ve said that enough times. If you can’t make it, this mix will more than suffice.

ZIP: Matthewdavid — Mary Anne Hobbs Mix (5/4/10) (128 KBP/S)

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