March 28, 2011

A Moody Blues sample can go a long way. “Mystery” makes Hodgy sound like Lupe Fiasco’s evil little brother and after the bloodbath that was Lasers, there is a clear lane for that. For all the disdain that most of Odd Future show for 90s rappers, it’s a mistake to accept Tyler as the sole mouthpiece for the group.

When I interviewed them, Big L came up in conversation, and Hodgy mentioned that he was a fan. (Yes, the feature is imminent and was inevitable. No, its not another obnoxious think piece). Mind you, I don’t think dude has “Devil’s Son” memorized, but both could agree they like “their shit gritty/crack house with ass and titties.” For the skeptics that pigeonhole OFWGKTA as second-wave shock rappers, Hodgy’s probably the most palatable for those reared on NYC traditionalist rap. But that doesn’t mean he conforms to old forms. This is psychedelic pastoral flute rap made by a 20 year old dropping old cartoon references and rapping about looking at Bentley’s on the Internet. Moody Blues > Modest Mouse. Teenagers don’t need diaries any more now that they have Tumblr.

MP3: Hodgy Beats-“Mystery”

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