Let’s allow for certain realities. Nothing will ever top “I’m on a Boat,” and rap’s increasing aversion to self-parody is everyone’s loss when it comes to Lonely Island videos. I am all for DJ Khaled’s aegis of Def Jam South if it means that we can depend on a steady stream of rappers wearing iced out Pogo crocodile chains. If I wanted to get pelted with quarter waters by the New York stalwart set, I would declare this better than the Saigon record that I couldn’t get through. But I’ll just point out that I’ll listen to this more — do the Heatmakerz get production points on this?

Also, for those who didn’t catch “The Creep,” which got posted all over the rap blogz because it had a Nikki Minaj guest appearance, it’s below the jump. See also, “Santana DVX,” which proved that Samberg & Co. have better taste than 97 percent of rappers, with a E-40 guest spot and a J-Zone beat. Either way, these guys are better at rapping than Lil Mac Miller and you are probably wearing flippy-floppies if you disagree.

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