April 7, 2011

Barring the occasional anomaly, geography is everything. From oxygen to architecture, its effect on creation is incalculable. Whether it’s music, books, or or painting, regionalism will always have at least a subtle influence on acts of art. So Audyssey and Yours Truly are on to something with their latest series: The Neighborhood. Wrangling SF by way of LA producer Shlohmo and getting him to give a guiding tour of SOMA, it captures a side of music usually only discussed in a distant and remote way.

Capturing both cityscape and home studio, it provides a window into stuff that’s usually only accessible through words or sound. The moral of the story is that I’ll stop typing and leave it to the visuals. Plus, as a bonus, the site snagged a special remix of Shlohmo’s Places, from the EP of the same name available on Friends of Friends.

Video below the jump.

MP3: Shlohmo-”Places”
MP3: Shlohmo-“Places” (Yours Truly Remix)

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