April 8, 2011

Picture taken from a secrete Tumblr filled with nothing but Morris Day look-a-likes — half feature Krispy from Knux. Sez the lupine leader: “Some Unreleased Earl Sweatshirt Entitled “Dat Ass”. Our Soldier, Wolf, Bother And Friend Is Currently Not With Us. Stop Asking Where He Is, We Like To Keep This Private Because It’s Very Personal For Us. And No, He is Not As Some Boarding School And Blah Blah Blah, None Of You People Know Because NONE of You Know Him Personally. Free Earl.”

Obviously, he’s not in boarding school. Zeus already closed the case. Nothing emerges out of a vacuum (even if Tyler’s Twitter claims that he is a vacuum.) Rhyme patterns courtesy of Daniel Dumile: “Juice box, tanktop, tube socks, dude stop/ Forehead shiny like a new glock.” Between James Pants, Madlib, and MF Doom, Stones Throw is as salient an influence as anything. Other new Odd Future MP3’s below in case you somehow missed them. Apparently, people on the Internet are into this sort of thing. And why not, everyone loves a juice box — particularly this kind.

MP3: Earl Sweatshirt-“Dat Ass”
MP3: Mike G-“Forest Green”

MP3: Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats-“Tang Golf”

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