Nagging persistence for the win. Examine the Twitter of Dekagon Records — they have harassed every single rap blog to listen to their music and have largely failed. A Google Search has yielded me absolutely nothing concrete about their music or who Good Hair Are — other than a few posts that generally run along the lines of “yo, this shit is bumping.” Meanwhile, Jae Millz continues to earn Hulkshare love, even though he’s so charisma deficient that he makes Vado look like the ODB.  As Zilla says: he is the Joe Smith of blog rap.

Still unsure why I’m going to go to bat for a Connecticut hip-hop label featuring a Kansas rapper  — the blandly named Joe Good — best known as one of Mac Lethal’s weed carriers signees. Who knew that Mac Lethal still had a deal after writing a song called “Makeout Bandit,” let alone a label? But inexorable Souls of Mischief fandom will get me listen to a song with Tajai, especially when producer Nezbeat’s Fender Rhodes channels Illadelphalflife through the prism of 8-bit video games. Approach attacks his bars like a streamlined Busdriver and Good manages the semi-anonymous efficacy that his name requires. It reminds me of a lost Soundbombing cut, but with higher spirits. Done by guys who obviously own 14 copies of Midnight Marauders, but understand it’s better to recreate the vibe than the sound.

I’ll let LD handle the verdict.

MP3: Good Hair (Nezbeat + Joe Good) ft. Tajai & Approach – “The Funk Pt. 2”
ZIP: Good Hair (Nezbeat + Joe Good) – Good Hair

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