April 13, 2011

New J. Rocc from the new J. Rocc. I’m hoping that the same people ordering Clams Casino extend their infatuation to other realms of instrumental hip-hop. Not a shot (it’s a good record), but rather a reminder that there are other producers weaving moody samples and complex emotions into three-minute beat suites.

My official review of Cold Rock Stuff is up at Pop & Hiss. The short is that this is far more trip-hoppier than you might expect, but still predictably dusty and analog. (Yes, I am turning all nouns into adjectives — see also, yesterdays “My Morning Jackety.”) See also, Nate Patrin’s Pitchfork review, which nails the record’s enigmatic character. Besides, Madlib hasn’t released an album in the last 13 minutes, so there’s a need to be filled.

MP3: J. Rocc-“Chasing the Sun”
MP3: J. Rocc-“Play This (Also)”

ZIP: Clams Casino-Instrumental Mixtape

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