April 14, 2011

Sach O now has a mohawk and carries a switch blade.

The term “Electro” has been on the receiving end of more brutal and unwarranted beatdowns this decade than female protagonists in an Odd Future song. Around the turn of the millennium, what once meant “Planet Rock” and cool dance moves somehow morphed into bullshit punk rock with drum machines and worse still, the most vile brand of Ed-Hardy approved hipster house ever to soil the earth. I’m a strong supporter of trying those responsible at The Hague.

That doesn’t scare Al Bleek & Kid Drama though, the Instra:Mental duo’s last trick involved rescuing Drum & Bass from its own testosterone fueled audience, so this is child’s play. Drawing on the rich history of 80’s drum machine music from Techno to House to the aforementioned (original) electro, the group is smart enough to avoid the slightest whiff of cheese, crafting serious (and seriously dope) dark dance music that’s as bleeding edge as it gets. Though technically distinct from their previous Autonomic work and far too busy to be classified as Dubstep, the vibe on Resolution 563 feels like an update to those subgenres, keeping the mood and grafting it to exciting new constructions that ping-pong off your synpapses with rigorous precision. Probably my favorite EDM album of the year so far.

MP3: Instra: Mental-“8”

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