Sach O still prefers this strain of insomnia.

I don’t even tell people I’m a Dubstep DJ anymore because when I do they assume that I play out shit like this. Not that I’m complaining, I’ll take the druggy kids rocking out to this stuff over cynical hipsters any day of the week but we’ve come to this awkward point where the music most North-Americans refer to as Dubstep has very little dub and/or step so I’ll be going with “Grime” until the smoke clears.

Thankfully, Kryptic Minds feel my pain, delivering a full album of meditative urban vibes perfect for long subway rides, midnight blunt sessions and clearing the dance floor at Brotown raves everywhere. They haven’t changed the formula much since 2009’s “One of Us” although I do detect a hint of Autonomic in a few of these tracks. Ultimately though, this is still dark electronic music drawing on urban paranoia that values space as much as it does bass. It’s like I always say: if it ain’t broke, don’t slow it down to 130BPM and add House drums.

MP3: Kryptic Minds-“Can’t Sleep”

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