Sach O will be pretty baked by the time you read this.

Happy 4:20 from Odd Future’s resident super-stoner. Having spent the past few months absorbing the already massive Golf Wang catalog, I’ve found myself returning to Rolling Papers a fair bit thanks to its consistently blunted vibe and cohesive production. Domo’s not quite Tyler or Earl on the mic yet but what he lacks in amazing moments, he makes up for in an amiable goofiness lacking in Hip-Hop since Redman started acting responsible. The kid sounded positively giddy on Twitter before dropping this: you have to imagine that this is single happiest day of the year for him. Fittingly, Cashmere’s on that Indica vibe with a lush loop and heavy drums like it’s 94 again except with infinitely more swag. Nothing world changing but just what the doctor ordered on this fine 20th of April.

MP3: Domo Genesis – Cashmere

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