April 22, 2011

Catch Sach O on your rooftops.

Why hasn’t there been a quality feature or documentary about Pirate Radio in London? 60s drivel and Vice don’t count. The UK needs to get their shit together, New York’s been living off this kind of sepia-tinged nostalgia for a minute now and Fab 5 Freddy looks like he’s been eating. Besides, anyone into the creative criminality (or criminalized creativity) of Hip Hop’s early years would find much to love here: think bombing trains or throwing a big park jam is All City? Try broadcasting your living room rave across half of East London just to get a rep.

Sheffield-born youngster Toddla T wasn’t around for any of that but he understands the value of a well timed revival, calling dibs on the early 90s aesthetic for “Take it Back.” On the surface, this is Mark Ronson with Rave rather than Rare Groove but given that the 60s have officially been tapped bone dry inspiration wise, it’s hard to be mad at the combination of House pianos, diva vocals and chopped up breaks on display. Throw in a black and white video of what looks like the chillest party ever and you’ve got a strong argument for my Happy Mondays fandom, filing ‘Ardkore under Urban rather than electronic and yelling ACIIIIIIIIEEEDDDD at random passers by on the bus. One question though: how the hell could they afford to lose all their equipment and records when the cops show up? There’s at least a couple of grand’s worth of gear in that flat. Not winning.

Toddla T – ‘Take It Back (Radio Edit)’ by toddla_t

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