April 25, 2011

Aesop, the most quietly influential rapper of the great late 90s indieground boom, remaining as relevant today as the first time he saw Daylight. In fact, I imagine he’d be even more popular had emerged in the new era, rather than the cloistered and benighted backpack era. Unless you saw his live shows where he riffed like a rap Mitch Hedberg, you never would have known that he and Blockhead were the funniest pairing since Prince Paul and Posdnuous (and also, Party Fun Action Committee till I’m lamping in canverns on the rings of fucking Saturn) See also Hail Mary Mallon, his new project with Rob Sonic, named after the infamous Typhoid Mary whose disease was ostensibly spread via Burgundy Camry. Mask rap in budget sedans is usually a wise idea.

The full-length drops in May on Rhymesayers, who won the great indie rap wars by default. The last Jansport standing. Proving that Slug was the only one who truly understand what 2Pac once told Biggie: if you want to make your money, you gotta rap for the bitches.

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