April 28, 2011

Despite boasting cell phones that can talk to God, the Japanese have apparently yet to figure out that if you’re going to fork over the $750 for a Roc Marciano guest spot, you put him on last so that people won’t turn the track off upon completion of his verse. Better for us, with Roc leaning in Beamers like Caesars, looking like an orthopedic weeded. The man’s rhymes are as compact and tight as balls of black tar opium.

The song is courtesy of Sick Team, whose name rings eerily of the Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game. But that beat. Egads. Maybe they don’t have to clear samples in Japan, or maybe they’re just stuck on that DJ Krush school of dusty thought. Either way, I have nothing but super happy fun fun things to say about it.

Download: (via Nah Right)
MP3: Sick Team ft. Roc Marciano-“Lyrical Assassins”

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