May 3, 2011

Raekwon – Butter Knives from LRG on Vimeo.

Parkhill & Stapleton, the Dodge City and Tombstone of the Wu-Tang clan mythos — twin landmarks enclosing an enormous civilization. Though they might as well have been ancient Assyrian, for the way the Clan depicted them as crumbling but still-vibrant ruins. Stairwells smelling like piss, gunpowder and blunt smoke ringing the air, babies crying, dice rolling.

Surprisingly, they’ve waited until now to re-enter. Shallah Rae bringing “Butter Knives” to Shaolin, a blurry of shadowy outlines stalking the halls. A monochrome maze of undecorated doors and taupe walls. Levitttown reconceived as government property, safety valve housing rotting a half century later. It’s only two minutes so let’s not pretend that it’s all-encompassing, but you get enough of a taste. He is the Chef.

MP3: Raekwon-“Butter Knives”

MP3: Raekwon-“Footprints of Osama”(Snippet) (Left-Click)

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