May 4, 2011

E-Mail from Douglas Martin at 6:22 a.m: “Dam-Funk + Ariel Pink, our worlds have never collided this thoroughly before.” Assume the obvious. This union could only get the gas face if Ariel Pink sang through a gas mask and Los Angeles’ funkiest man decided to play keytar one-handed and blind folded. “Fright Night” is too early for Halloween but right in time for spring: crusing synths, driving drums, ectoplasmic vocals whirling in the background..

The West Coast is producing its psychedelic nouveau right now. Subtle and phosphorescent. No dreary guitar solos or self-indulgent poses. Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t feel like it. The tilt is more narcotic than chemical. Both musicians and the masses are smoking strains of weed so bright I’m surprised one hasn’t been named Ariel Pink. Expect more from these two — preferably, in both song and buddy comedy form. The script will write itself and the soundtrack will be deliriously awesome.

MP3: Ariel Pink-“Fright Night (Nevermore) (Dam-Funk Remix)”

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