Sach O prefers his Pavilions Flux to Merriweather Post.

Still haven’t listened to Panda Bear’s Tomboy, highly doubt I will. As important as Animal Collective are to other people, their whole pastoral, hippie, art-school thing never quite jibed with me and their electronic explorations never seemed that impressive when compared to say, Aphex Twin or Autechre. My loss I guess, it’s not like I’m losing sleep over it though and I wouldn’t have even mentioned it if not for this oddball collabo between the aformentioned king of the alt-bros and the ever reclusive Zomby. Kicking off with a G-Unit calliber gun blast and a dancehall airhorn, this isn’t your older sister’s Panda Bear but it actually works really well: those reverb heavy vocals float perfectly over Zomby’s arpeggiated synths and 808 claps. The results don’t stray radically from either artist’s previous work but it plays to their strengths; Panda Bear helps structure what would otherwise be yet another beat-sketch and Zomby gives Noah Lennox something different to sing over. Not quite Thom Yorke and Flying Lotus but the whole thing is done in under 3 minutes, never wearing out its welcome. As long as the dude from Deerhunter stays far away from my Joker tunes, this Bass music/4AD thing could work out.

MP3: Zomby – Things Fall Apart [ft. Panda Bear]
(via Factmag)

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