May 11, 2011

Hating the name of this column, awkwardly in thrall to alliteration. Humor me. The payoff is the Beastie’s in their egg-loving heyday, stomping around Chinatown with Fab Five Freddie, the Clyde Frazier of rap video hosts. Still haven’t heard Mr. MCA’s Fantastic Chalupa Experiment Volume 4, or whatever they’re calling their new record. I’m sure its well and good, but wild zontars couldn’t alter my permanently glazed perception of the trio from Paul’s Boutique to Hello Nasty, the time when they were my favorite rap group among people whom I did not consider rappers (admittedly, this amounted to like Weird Al, 2 Live Jews, and The Dogs.)

On the plus side, no matter how bad or good the new record is, the elimination of “Mackadocious” from the English language can only be seen as evolution.

MP3: The Beastie Boys-“Shadrach”

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