May 13, 2011

Sach O will get really excited about this stuff if producers start getting French emcees to rap on it. Mafia K1 Fry maybe?

I don’t know why I’m biased against French House but let’s face it, I don’t listen to or write about much French House. I love classic French Hip-Hop and rank the country highly in terms of food, film and fine dimes but there’s something about L’Hexagone’s dance music which always felt a little too sophisticated and sweat-free to me. This is changing of course, hotly tipped producers like Canblaster, French Fries and Bambounou are bridging the gap between day-glo electro and Bass music, drooping much of the former’s d-bag connotations without compromising the latter’s rudeness. In other words, none of these guys will be scoring a Tron movie anytime soon.

The title of most hotly tipped French export goes to Jay Weed however. Merging the deepest side of Dubstep’s sense of space to classic and Funky House’s percussion and sense of momentum, his particular sensibility feels most like the next step towards an actual codified, definable genre of bass music alongside material by the Swamp81 crew. After linking up with Oneman’s 502 records for the monstrous Prism/Naos single, Weed’s gone on to several remixes and an underrated “On the Nile” EP, further solidifying his place amidst the Boomkat brigade. While this mix for Fact features comparatively little of his production, it works just as well as an introduction to what he’s doing: nocturnal, sexy music that can please the cool kids and the weirdos at the same time. It’s a tough act to pull off but he makes it look easy here: anyone can throw in an old DMZ track for cred’s sake but this is one of the best blended mixes in a minute. Someone needs to get this man down to Montreal for a set, stat. Plus, you have to give the guy credit: the name Jay Weed is so generic that it’s somehow brilliant again.

MP3:Jay Weed – Fact Mix (left click)

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