Chris Daly is hoping to either expand PotW readers to additional beats or more really obscure Gen X jokes. Preferably both.

Is Monster Rally a bit too sunny for your liking? Would you be a bigger fan if Bonobo didn’t sound quite so cheerful? Then let me introduce you to the boy/girl duo of Ghost Feet. If an undead fetish doesn’t demonstrate a flair for something different, then you’re probably not going to enjoy next week’s review of Golden Zombie Showers, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Remember that pretty killer Orb/David Gilmour release a few years back? Best Pink Floyd-related record in decades, but I digress. The point of it was to pair beats with a killer live guitarist. Had that focused more on the beats aspect and less on the instruments, we might have ended up with Ghost Feet.

The Olympia, Washington-based duo’s upcoming EP, Wires and Chords, demonstrates the perfect and rarely achieving melding of digital and organic. You’ve got touches of glitch, field recordings, real gee-tars, and what I’m fairly confident is someone beating a kitchen sink for good measure. That’s commitment, people. Whether or not it will, leaves footprints to be tackled in our next discussion.

MP3: Ghost Feet-“Top Papez”

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