May 16, 2011

Has any relatively obscure rap song had a better second life than “Broken Language?” Forget Red and Meth’s 08 version, a decade and a half later, the stalagmite set remains enthralled by Smooth Da Hustler’s & Trigger Tha Gambler’s Tunnel banger. From Action Bronson’s “Moonstruck” to Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, and Curly Castro’s “The Heat” (American Language Remix). Has is’ “the cleaner aiming at you out the speedboat” while Castro plays “the Nick Swisher mom musher after smokin on a swisha.” Zilla is the clown killer, the coward clapper, the power napper.”Ferocious carnivore rap. Or as Nate Patrin eloquently capsized it: Sabbathy guitar + big fuck-off drums + elaborately threatening descriptions of self = YES

Below the jump, the video for Zilla and the Half Past Never Band’s stunningly well-written “Color Bars.”

MP3: P.L.O. ft. Has Lo, Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca – “The Heat (American Language Remix)” (Left-Click)

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