May 17, 2011

Chris Daly don’t drink no zinfandel.

The deranged beats of B. Lewis. A 22-year-old San Franciscan, choice crate digger, obscure sample flipper, but capable of producing a dim familiarity.  No slave to the metronome, the kid’s music has the consistency of a cat tail, skittering here and there, never following a distinct path, but adhering to a clear aesthetic.  His loops and samples are no cheap chop and change job, poorly stuttering out while struggling to find a beat; they are truly organic, effortlessly floating in and out of grooves, proved by these tracks from the upcoming, Jus’ Like Music-released, title TA EP.

Whether it’s an 8-bit drop into a rubbery bassline a la “Black Zimphindel PT” or that perfect vocal snippet that rises to the top in “cancel that,” it’s an amiable chaos that sounds right. A thrown together effort, but one with a ruthless Frankenstein groove.

Mp3: B. Lewis-“Cancel That”
Mp3: B. Lewis-“Black Zimphindel PT”

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