Only 24 hours after Earl-Gate, controversy continued to shadow the odd circus in Detroit. Apparently, a frenzied crowd threw bottles at them like they were Blues Brothers. Admittedly, I’m under the impression that every rap show at Majestic or St. Andrew’s features at least a few tire irons hurtling through the air. Motown is a place where people commit arson for sport and unemployment is higher than FloRida’s hairline. Even those who only know it from 8 Mile and The Crow would expect at least a few errant gun shots and goon squads lying in wait.

In a twist that I imagine occurred only to amuse hip-hop bloggers, Danny Brown got blamed for being the infamous bottle thrower. At least, if you read Tyler and Mike G’s Tweets aimed at his haircut. Forget Brown’s steadfast denials or that he was riding for the rapescallions before their first think piece, he very clearly didn’t throw bottles because he was Twittering about how high he was off Molly. Have you ever done Molly? Shit doesn’t make you want to throw bottles. It makes you want to tell your friends how much they mean to you, while watching The Never Ending Story on mute and dancing to the minimal techo that bumps on the blogs that Tyler reads. This could have been an epic meeting of the minds.

Instead, we got 5-minute Tweef (probably already squashed) and no decent songs will emerge out of the brouhahaha. I don’t want to see conflict between rappers for the sake of entertainment, I just want one rampage a year remotely as hard as “Real Muthaphukkin’ G’s.” What does it say about the rap world circa 2011 that the best diss track of the last 18 months was aimed at bloggers’ arms? Things we’ve learned from the experience: taking Molly at an Odd Future show is a terrible idea, Hodgy Beats will throw down at the drop of a snap back, Detroit rap fans remain the definition of gully, and writers can’t call OF punk until they roll around in glass shards a la Lux Interior. Fair enough.

Coincidence or not, D. Brown dropped a new song today to go along with the Esham collabo that recently leaked. Facts gleaned from the track: He is the Adderal Admiral, he dips brushes in warpaint, he’s a motherfucking motherfucker fucking on your mother with two rubbers, bumps Bill Withers, and switches on Schwarzenegger, smoking on a cactus. No apologies for all the misogyny. He’s pretty clearly trying to one-up Space Ghost Purp, Lil B, and Odd Future, and he pretty well succeeds. As Dom Passantino points out, “Danny Brown’s main ability in rap has always been knowing exactly how much wacky he can throw on a track without coming across as annoying or a novelty.” Couple that with the new video from the Golden Axe Good Ol’ Boys (Sean Price, Black Milk, and Guilty Simpson) and you get both primary colored and psychedelically weird space rap from the D. Rap from dudes who sound like they chew on glass bottles, not throw them.
MP3: Danny Brown-“Outer Space”
MP3: Esham ft. Danny Brown-“DMT Sessions”

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