May 18, 2011

Around the Low End Theory, no album is more anticipated than Thundercat’s Golden Age of Apocalypse. Best known for his work on Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma and in Erykah Badu’s Traveling Medicine Show, the bass god is of the eccentric ilk who can dress like Little Hiawatha and look like he should be dressed like Little Hiawatha. A man permanently suspended in space, Bootsy blasted thirty years into the future wearing nothing but a jet pack, sequins, and some knee high moon boots. His music boasts the same celestial inclinations.

Produced by the levitating Lotus, his record’s first single lands somewhere between Cosmogramma, classic Alice Coltrane, and Teebs. I’m not sure if I need to embellish that description; This is both far out and accurate. Breathtaking, beautiful, blah, blah blah.

Download: (via Von Forkenstein)
MP3: Thundercat-“For Love I Come”

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