May 19, 2011

Chris Daly has been liking all things odd since Ripley built the first Odditorium.

Outlier Recordings has an interesting problem on its hands. Lead act and artistic director, oddlogic, may be too talented for his own good.  The master of Sub Hop is a completionist. At no point do you hear one of his tracks and think, this would be better if only he added this or subtracted that. There are no missing parts or lost chances. And he’s not limited to a particular sound; he’s equally at home in the lush and airy “Bird’s Theme” as he is on the down and dirty “no reason, whatsoever.” What’s worse, he has a habit of doing remixes that often sound better than the original source material. He has the touch of an alchemist, transforming whatever he’s given into audio gold. Gold, Jerry!

The man cuts tracks like they called his mother disparaging names. Hell, the work he does on the “no reason, whatsoever” takes the axe and dices it to a consistency so fine it almost transcends itself to become bacon-like in its perfection. Hell, the beast even manages to sound like the beat equivalent of bacon cooking, for chrissakes! Not since bluesmen perfected a harmonica sounding like a train has such a musical hallmark been reached. Or maybe I should stop writing reviews during breakfast. Your call.

MP3: Oddlogic-“Bird’s Theme”
MP3: Oddlogic-“No Reason, Whatsoever”

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