May 23, 2011

Sach O is ‘Arkore.

As if to prove my previous assertion that paid mixes face heavy competition from the web, Fact had seminal 90s breakbeat mainstays 2 Bad Mice drop an awesome 70 minute clinic on London proto-jungle via instrumental Hip-Hop…aka ‘Ardkore. While Ninja Tune style downtempo found a niche audience on this side of the Atlantic thanks to the DJ Stoner set, this kind of high speed breakbeat music never quite found its audience here during the DJ Muggs era. Calling it “Techno” would be a disservice: this hews closer to Prince Paul, The Bomb Squad, The Dust Brothers, Large Professor and Marley Marl than anything out of Detroit, only reinforced with a powerful dose of psychedelic amphetamines and minus the rapping. At its best, ‘Ardkore rivaled any instrumental Hip-Hop music out there for sheer energy and inventiveness, at its worse things got a little too happy and then ‘Etarded. Thankfully, 2 Bad Mice have nothing to do with that later stuff and this mix is about as rough and rugged as anything ever produced Stateside. Fans of the Paul’s Boutique, Coldcut, DJ records and the Golden age of Sampling: you’re welcome.

MP3: 2 Bad Mice – Face Mix (left click)
MP3: 2 Bad Mice-Bombscare

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