Sach O has a hard time separating his Garage and Garage Rock Mp3s.

When they’re not releasing the weirdest videos ever, Butterz continue to dominate my listening. “Boo You” featuring P-Money and Blacks is their first vocal release and manages the rare feat of dusting off an old style without sounding dated or too self-referential. Credit for that last part goes to producer Royal-T whose shimmering Garage skip could go toe-to-toe with anything from the 96-02 era and walk out unscathed. Check the instrumental if you don’t believe me: son is a producer’s producer who rarely repeats patterns from bar to bar, always shifting the soundscape to keep things interesting. He’s also coming along swimmingly as a DJ: this promo mix blends UKG classics and his own recent production which makes for a nice quick listen and the perfect compliment to yesterday’s 2 Bad Mice set in that both are great blends of tunes from eras in UK history that may not have set the US on fire but still remain as vital as D&B or Dubstep.  For what it’s worth, I’d rather hear Grime I can dance to than the half-step stuff any day, just as I’d rather hear Dubstep that’s spacey and crawls at a snails pace rather than jump-up. Boo-Youtube after the jump.

MP3: Royal-T – I <3 Garage Mix

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