May 25, 2011

PHASEONE – SUGAR from Vadim Gershman on Vimeo.

“Sugar” is one of the best videos you’ll see all year. There are no trendy abstractions and no frills. There are no people riding llamas or shock value tactics. It is an epilogue framed in fast-moving cars and black and white stripes. Last goodbyes in choppy illiterate text message form. The way people actually communicate and actually leave.

Phaseone just left St. Louis for New York. Inevitably, an inevitable move. He describes the song as an “homage to the ’90s Chicago rap sound of Twista and Do or Die that my friends and I grew up listening to.” It sounds nothing like that, but that’s a good thing. The tracks have been covered. Respect due to directors Vadim Gershman and Ryan Powell. Gershman also wrote it along with Lea Sorrentino. He has a good chance of being named Best New Vadim.

MP3: Phaseone-The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote

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