A decade ago, the underground would have sacrificed several hundred cattle to see the union of the Wu and the Oxes. The Cold Vein dropped ten years ago this month, ushering in a new chapter of serrated sewer rap and catch phrases that only your friend who still wears Ecko would understand. Vast and Vordul should’ve held it down while Rae and Ghost were immobile; instead, we got a single classic and ten years of false starts and failed realizations. I’m not going to harp on how they should just call El and bury their blades. That’s obvious and it’s unlikely to happen.

So let’s just accept these comic book hammers and liquid swords at face value. The Cannibals and Chef’s crowding into the kitchen to cook up some disorienting drug rap. It’s not the world-beating Viking takeover, more like Thor in its fourth week of release: familiar, but still in the top ten. Give these three a good beat and duck your head. Bezels getting new pebbles. Wheeling rangers. Raekwon still needs his own Tobin’s Spirit Guide to be interpreted and Vast Aire sounds like he’s spent the last ten yours reading esoteric spiritual texts. Vordul is still inhabiting multiple worlds with a Lazurus chain and staccato flow. I’m happy for this track but they shouldn’t make music like this if they don’t want to be still fielding questions about Can Ox reunions in the year 2021.

MP3: Vast Aire ft. Raekwon & Vordul Mega-“Thor’s Hammer”

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