Evan Nabavian also enjoys the musical stylings of Bill “Spaceman” Lee.

“Spaceman” is an indictment of wack rapping. But Co$$ belittles inferior MCs with a vainglorious exhibition rather than a crotchety lecture. A scion of the West Coast, Co$$ switches his flow often enough to make the nimble jazzy beat sound sluggish. He relies on wordplay and raw rapping ability rather than imagery to dazzle. That’s why the video is just footage of a lyrical exhibition set to crisp black and white shots of sunny CA.

Co$$ isn’t aligned with any of LA’s cliques. His team consists of the talented Tres Records family (Shawn Jackson, Chikaramanga, Mainframe) and scattered collaborators like Sene, Fonetik Simbol, and Tranzformer. He’s more grounded than his buddy Blu and he’s been pegged as a less militant, more sprightly Ras Kass. But Co$$ isn’t that easy to classify and his unique aesthetic is slowly earning him his own lane.

ZIP: Co$$ – Sleepwalking Mixtape (Left-Click)

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