After writing this post, Chris Daly received his rolling papers back; the package was mostly empty.

For most of your bass-y, beat-y mix updates, the wise amongst us know to turn immediately to Sach O’s brilliant finds. Imagine my surprise when I realized this morning that I actually stumbled across a beast myself upon which my co-conspirator had yet to wax rhapsodic. Here at PotW, Jeff punishes us by withholding lighters and rolling papers if we let anything fall through the cracks, so I’ll try to do my best to meet the high standards set by the team.

Svetlana Industries. Get to know the name. Whereas most folks with an ear in the beat scene will automatically point you towards England (Bristol, anyone?) or the U.S. (Holla, L.A.), I’m here to tell you, there’s somewhere else. Eastern Europe certainly is holding its own, as heavyweight labels such as Project: Mooncircle and the aforementioned Sebian imprint are proving. Not only is their stable of artists world class (Robot Koch to Teebs), but their mixtapes and compilations are phenomenal, finding and showcasing stellar talent in all manner of locales.

In an effort to confuse you, the reader, the Belgrade-based SI has just released a stellar mix of entirely Japanese beats. Compiled by Tokyo beatmakers, Super Smoky Soul, the 35 minute “mix of 100% Japanese material that you don’t know and you should hear” is just that. Sure, I’ve been hooked on the Asian beat scene since I realized Samurai Champloo was one of the coolest stoner anime of all times, but that’s a conversation for another time and bowl (RIP Nujabes).

With no track or artist listing, we’re just going to have to trust that SSS knows their shit. From this mix alone, it’s a safe bet. So what are our Niponese brethren and sistren providing? Expect George Benson and James Brown vocal snippets, droning loops, a bit of Mecha-infatuation and plenty of groove power. Suffice to say, the Land of the Rising Sun knows how to inhale.

MP3: Shortcast #10: re: Ill /Super Smoky Soul

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