June 9, 2011

More information is slowly trickling out about the Thundercat album.  We already knew it was next big-ticket Brainfeeder release after the Samiyam record, but now they’ve announced the tracklist: Badu, J* Davey, Sa-Ra, Austin Peralta, an Indian headdress possessed with the soul of Alice Coltrane. Not bad. Not bad at all. Nor is “Daylight,” the latest leak from the project. It’s not about to top Aes Rock’s version, but nor is it trying to do so. This is cosmic soul by way of Joe Jackson. After all, Stephen Bruner, the head Thunderous Cat is an eclectic dude that once played bass for Suicidal Tendences and has rocked stages with Snoop and Eric Benet’s hair. He collects headdresses like Wale collect shoes, and in my eyes, that is an infinitely more valuable investment.

Slapping a twinkling 80s funk beat with a little bit of classic Shuggie Otis soul to Brainfeeder’s celestial psychedelic jazz streak, “Daylight” is another (incense) burner from those that feed Brains. This has a legitimate shot of being the greatest record ever made by a man named after an 80s cartoon featuring talking panthers, lions, and mummies. And probably one of the best records of the year at that.

Download: (via Dr. Ludwig Von Frankenfork)
MP3: Thundercat-“Daylight”

MP3: Thundercat-”For Love I Come”

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